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Welcome to the EDDS/EADES/Eads/Edes

Surname Research Center (ESRC).


The Edds/Eades/Eads/Edes Surname Research Center was designed to be repository for documents and data specifically related to the Edds/Eades/Eads/Edes Surname and all of its spelling variations (including, but not limited to, Edds/Eades/Eads/Edes). It was created by the Webmaster solely for the purpose of serving other Edds/Eades/Eads/Edes Researchers. Our primary focus will be to catalog EDDS/EADES and to a lesser degree Eads of which there is a far greater number.

For more on our goals and purpose please click here.

What's New

This web site was launched in April 2000, and regretfully has not progressed much.  Now it is January 2006 and I'm taking another shot at updating and posting information.  I'm on a cleaning binge and I want to scan and catalog all of the information I have.  Posting that catalog as a web site as always been a desire.  So I Hope that things will start to happen again and you will see more content.

I do appreciate the information that people send.  I need to post much of this as it tell about other Edds families even though they are not related to mine. 

know this site has a long way to go in development but I will eventually get it together.

January 2006 I've added a Photo gallery and a Forum for posting queries and for sections relating to each family branch.  Please submit family photos in scanned format and I'll evaluate them and most them. 

Happy Hunting!   Don Edds

Happy Hunting!

Please forward new information to
Don Edds (click here)



My name is Donald Emerson Edds, my father was Charles James Edds, his father was James Bartlett Edds, his father was Andrew Milton Edds, and his father was Bartlett Edds. I live in New Albany Indiana and was born in Jeffersonville, Indians but my father was born in Mulberry Kansas, his father and grandfather were both born in Illinois.  Before that we believe the family was in Muhlenburg County Kentucky in the 1820's with the Carole Eades family, however we have not been able to establish a firm link to Carole Eades and we don't know much before 1820.


I've been involved in genealogy for 20 years. I began doing genealogy when I earned my genealogy merit badge in scouts.  I was a Vice President of  the Southern Indiana Genealogy Society of New Albany Indiana for several years and served on their editorial committee.  About 6 years ago I self published a book on my Edds family but have had little time to devote to research since then. I hope this web project will bring me back to research and exploration. I ask that you be patient in expecting replies from me. I own a computer consulting firm,  that dominates most of my time so replies to your questions and queries may be slow coming, but with the advent of email it sure is easier to share info and I will do my best to at least acknowledge your inquiry!

Best of luck with your research and I hope you find what you are looking for!


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Last updated: January 01, 2006.