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Page: Families

This page "breaks" the distinct EDDS families I have identified into their family  "groups".  If a family does not link to another family it is separated here, at least until we prove a link between them.  Each family group will contains links and information to support that research as I get it.  Please forward additional family information to submit@edds.org

Families listing, by eldest descendent:

Edds, Bartlett       group sheet      notes 

Bartlett Edds was married in Muhlenburg County Kentucky in 1822 but soon after moved to Illinois.  He eventually settled in Tazewell County Illinois.  

Bartlett's first marriage was to Diana Kemper in 1821 in Muhlenberg Co. KY. and they had 10 kids that I can fill you in on. Bartlett's second marriage is the one we descend from, to Mary Elizabeth Price in 1843 in Tazewell Co. IL. They had 7 kids, and Andrew, my ancestor, was the 7th child.

Bartlett is my ancestor and I have the most information on his familyPlease contact me if you would like more information.

NEW!!   MORE:  Bartlett's Family

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Eades, Carole

Carole Eades for records show in Muhlenburg County Kentucky in about 1810.  I'm almost sure that Bartlett Edds ties to Carole Eades but have never been able to find a link.  I have a lot of information on Carole Eades if you are researching this family.

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Edds, Joseph & Sarah Leftwich

Born about 1724 to 1730 this is the oldest Edds/Eades families I have records on.  They come out of Campbell County Virginia.  I have a fairly extensive family tree of there descendents.

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Salem Indiana Edds

My bet is that these Edds are related, first to Bartlett and second to Carole, but I've yet to spend any research time on this line.  I'd sure appreciate someone helping me with information on this.

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Louisville Kentucky Edds

Currently there are dozens of Edds families living in Louisville and to my knowledge I'm not related to any of them.  Considering Edds is such a rare name that is hard to imagine.  I'd appreciate any information and lineage that anyone can provide on where the Louisville KY Edds came from.

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Texas Edds

Like many families from Kentucky there must of been a fairly large migration of Edds to Texas.  I have nothing on these Edds families but I hope someone will fill me in.

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Kansas Edds

Andrew Milton Edds was born in Pekin IL in 1856 and eventually re-located the family to Kansas, specifically the Pittsburg/Mulberry, Crawford County, Kansas aera.  They had a family store there that I will post pictures of soon.  

Andrews father was most likely Bartlett Edds (95% sure but still lacking a final 100%) listed above.

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New York Edds

There does seem to be a strong Edds line in New York that I need to expand on as I find more information.  However here is an introduction of one of the families provided by Kathy Edds ( Mrs. Kenneth T. Edds).

James Edds, reportably born in England, Married to Polly Cobb Robinson Edds( 1806, Marcellus, NY- 1894, Elba, Genesee County, NY)
His Son: Thomas Edds, was born in 1842 in Marcellus, Onondaga County, New York to and James Edds.
His Son: William Thomas Edds
His Son: Mac Vincent Edds
His Son: Mac Vincent Edds, Jr.
His Son: Kenneth T. Edds, married to Kathy Edds

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