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Page: Legends


A few good stories surround the family and add to our lore.  Please submit any you have heard to submit@edds.org

Coffee & Thomas Jeffererson

This legend has also been passed to me by my aunts.  Another Edds family line also has the same legend so does that make it true or just american folklore.

The legend is that back in Virginia the Edds (or Eades) lived near the Thomas Jefferson and when Tom Jefferson would come by on horseback by the Edds home they would give him a cup of coffee.  As was supposed tradition of the time the cup was only filled half full to avoid spills and to be "proper".  Though for the Edds family when they were alone they always insisted that the coffee cup be filled to the top with the saying of, "fill that to the top boy, I'm an Edds, not a Jefferson, and we like our coffee filled all the way up".

Now for the "confirmation" of sorts is the following posting from Genealogy.com, posted April 30, 2002, from Josh Edds

"My dad (michael Edds) has told me that same story about how Thomas Jefferson would stop at Peter Eades' home coffee. He also told me (I think this is the right story) that Peter Eades was a great fiddle player and played for a guys birthday or something. Peter would be my GGGG Grandpa."


Name Change

It is said by my aunts that due to a family falling out Bartlett left his family (although it is never said who they were) and moved north, at the same time changing the spelling of the family name from Eades to Edds.  Knowing how hard-headed Edds can be I can support this theory.  

My belief is that this is the break from the Carole Eades line.  


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